Sass & Compass For Designers


Chapter 9 Becoming a Sass and Compass Power User

In this chapter of 'Sass and Compass for Designers' you will learn about the power user features of Sass and Compass.

To be truly great with a tool, requires the restraint and wisdom to know when and how to employ that tool. Besides learning heaps of new tips and tricks such as Sass globbing, changing experimental CSS support, using the Sass and Compass interactive shells, viewing style sheet statistics and more, you'll also take a look at the CSS we have been producing so far.

You'll learn how to use the Chrome developer tools to test the rendering speed of CSS styles, configure and use a lint tool to catch common coding problems and learn how to perform a CSS audit to remove unneeded rules.

Change Compass support:

$legacy-support-for-mozilla: true;

Generate experimental properties

.your-own-property {
	@include experimental(sausage, lincolnshire);

Perform color conversions on the command line

mix(#fff, pink)

Import batches of files with the Sass globbing plugin

@import "partials/*";

Hopefully once you have finished this chapter, any reservations about using and Sass and Compass in your next project will be gone. That's my hope.